What makes the Nokian Hakka 9 such a superior tire? Here is the detail list:

A dedicated, tailored stud for the center of the tread. A separate stud for the shoulder areas. In addition to excellent longitudinal grip, the different studs that operate with natural efficiency during braking, acceleration and cornering ensure supreme lateral grip on icy and snowy surfaces.

Talk to any mechanic who has test-driven a car with Hakkas. They will say it is the superior tire, hands down. Put this tire on a Subaru Outback or your daughter’s Hyundai. It outperforms every other winter tire.

Cuts on both sides of the middle blocks on the center of the tread provide more sharp edges that improve grip on snow.

Noise reduction through intelligently designed and manufactured studs. Two studs with different shapes, an Eco Stud cushion that dampens road contact, an air space in the middle of the lower flange that reduces stud impact, and the beveled hard metal tips of the center studs. The beveled stud tips distribute the stud’s impact force across a wider area. The eco-friendly, modern stud concept reduces road wear and ensures that noise is at a comfortable level.

noise reduction through studs

Noise reduction through innovative bead contact with the rim. The rubber compound presses flexibly against the wheel flange, providing the bead area with more durability. The innovation also effectively minimizes the interior noise, since it dampens the  vibrations from the tire body, preventing them from passing into the tire and further inside the vehicle.

noise reduction through bead content

Significantly better handling than any other winter tire. The strong High Tensile Steel belt structure makes the structure light but hard, which can be felt as precise handling during evasions and lane changes, even at higher speeds. Improved cut and puncture resistance also improve the mileage.