ONE OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS about being locally-owned is supporting our community in non-profit adventures. We enjoy targeting organizations that educate and invigorate life this close to the Arctic Circle. Imagine: The check-engine light comes on in your Impreza and that turns into helping the Fairbanks Mission.

In this blog series we will highlight the programs we choose to support!

THE FOLK SCHOOL is a natural fit as a partner for Metro. The Folk School makes education accessible in two ways: It provides classes to students AND it provides students to instructors. Our community is filled with a wealth of information in the form of mentors who are experts in their fields. Be it boat-building or weaving or philosophy, the Folk School provides the administrative and location necessary for Fairbanks to meet and learn.

REPAIR CAFE Metropolitan Garage is part of a world-wide organization known as the “Repair Cafe”. Repair Cafes are places where people can take their broken things and have experts help them fix these items rather than contribute to landfills and a throw-away economy.

Together with the Folk School, Metro Garage technicians and customers volunteer for “repair cafes”. Using the space and tools at Metro, students bring their broken toasters and sewing machines and vacuum cleaners and learn how to fix them. REPAIR CAFE IS RECYCLING AT ITS BEST.

NATURAL PARTNERSHIPS We love being a leader in environmental practices for the automotive industry. We recycle almost everything: Five hundred pounds of cardboard monthly (no paper products reach the landfill from this shop); all steel, aluminum and copper removed in the way of worn parts removed from vehicles are recycled; all waste oils and other fluids are recycled; waste oil filters are even disposed of in a way higher than EPA standard establish (by extracting oil captured in the filter).