auto repairWe know SUBARUS. As both veterans of the repair industry and veteran Subaru owners ourselves, we can tell you that SPOT-ON MAINTENANCE SCHEDULES are key to keeping costs down on these vehicles. But the term “schedule” is different for Fairbanks.

LET’S BE HONEST. There aren’t many things more fun to drive on bad roads than a vehicle with Subaru’s legendary all-wheel-drive system. OK, well. Hmmmmm.

That is, unless you have a Subaru product with “X Mode”! Push that button, and it feels like a cat on carpet no matter the frost heaves or moose obstacles. X Mode is standard on the Outback and optional on the Forester, and it will help you get up even the worst goat trail or back road in the mud and snow.

Lower gear ratios produce additional power to wheels that have secure contact with road surfaces. This software also deactivates the transmission’s lock-up clutch to prevent powering slipping wheels. Earlier intervention during traction difficulty as well as a feature called “Hill Descent Control” (transmission management while maneuvering downhill), makes going down hill less squirrely.

Sorry about the infomercial. Subaru is a leader in traction control and we appreciate it so much for the safety of our clients. So yes, owning a Subaru is TOTALLY worth it! But maintaining any vehicle in Fairbanks is, straight-up, DIFFERENT from anywhere else in the country. There are tricks to making it affordable.

In Winter, idling at the grocery store or the Cinema or in the driveway puts hours on the engine that don’t roll over on the odometer because, well, sitting still! BUT this is still HOURS of pistons slapping oil and the combustion process breathing gritty particulates that wear out your engine. Also, if your vehicle has over 90K miles, it may well burn oil. This added idling time consumes oil. If you are good about your Fall service, by January the oil may not even be on the dipstick! Mid-winter services are critical.

We hope the new snow has combined well with Subaru’s traction control to give your commute confidence and a little drifting if that’s what you want! Make sure you are keeping up with not only what’s published in your manual for maintenance according to mileage, but consider usage and hours running as well.