Subaru Head Gaskets

Boy, doesn’t Subaru make the best performing all-wheel drive cars?! However, they require specific maintenance.

Subaru external head gasket leaks

One of the most frustrating issues for Subaru owners is the leaking head gasket. Luckily on the 2.5 SOHC, this problem appears an external leak, which means oil and coolant do not seep into the combustion chamber ruining the engine. This is a good thing!

Mess and risk

These fluids do weep onto the exhaust producing unpleasant odors and smoke. They also drip on the ground polluting and leaving a mess on the garage floor. But what many people discover too late is that these external leaks lead to running out of oil and coolant which does ruin the engine! In other words, you can usually live with the problem but there are risks.

The gasket solved

We’ve found a solution. You CAN have your Subaru and drive it too! The solution is a midlife renewal of the motor. When the head gaskets are repaired at between 90,000-120,000 miles, we roll in all the other engine maintenance that is due at that time: timing belt, water pump, tune up, and other wear parts on the motor (and clutch, if equipped),etc. By doing this, so much labor is saved that the repair bill is sensible and your car is good for another 100,000 miles!

A great record

We have done more of these repairs than any shop in Fairbanks and they are working well. We are approaching 1000 Subaru head gasket repairs and we have found a systematic approach to solving an array of challenges that face the dynamism of Subaru’s boxer motors. Through refinement of this process, (and re-engineered aftermarket gaskets) we provide the most thorough and affordable Subaru head gasket repair in Alaska.

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