Last week we put a new clutch in a Subaru WRX. It is so pretty!

As replacing clutches gets more and more uncommon, you want to make certain you choose a professional technician who has enough experience to have done the job frequently.

The WRX is a special vehicle—–sporty, usually tricked out and driven by someone who loves bending the rules of the road.

WRX owners are also usually meticulous about maintenance. Because the stock WRX seems a waste of time to the owner, they have added so many after-market features to the vehicle that it makes it difficult for auto shops to source common replacement parts such as brake pads and suspension parts (struts and springs). It is especially difficult to help with engine diagnosis for the Subaru sport vehicles when they have been modified by owners.

These are usually specialty repairs that require a knowledge of after-market components as well as time-in with technicians who replace them.

Metropolitan Garage is a Subaru Specialty shop to be sure! We fix Subarus all day long, but we use stock OE parts. We have done the research about which stock parts fare the best in our climate and with our customer’s individual driving habits.

At Metro Garage we will replace stock parts on performance Subarus, and we do the kind of work these owners enjoy! Bring your WRX in for our Alignment/Underbody Inspection Special!