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It’s About People

At Metropolitan Garage we don’t view ourselves as working on cars. We work for PEOPLE who happen to own cars!

We have become experts in the automotive industry in order to serve our customers professionally, with efficiency, economy, and cheer. As a result, we love what we do because we know how to make people happy!


We can fix anything that rolls on rubber tires, but we are really smart about the Subaru, Toyota, and Honda families of cars. Why?

Same-day service

When you become familiar with something you can anticipate the needs. We know what these cars need before they roll in the door because we see them so often. THIS MEANS YOUR CAR IS IN AND OUT IN ONE DAY, Over 80% of the time!

Stock OE parts

We have most of the parts for your car here in the building! Right now! We normally use Original Equipment parts because they are the highest quality in most applications. If there is a better alternative, we use it. At times there is a less expensive option. Either way, we always give you the choice!


Every aspect of automotive service requires a trained eye, mature focus, and curious mind. We don’t hire rookies to do inexpensive oil changes. If you think fixing cars is only about busting knuckles and getting dirty, you haven’t been under the hood of anything made in the last decade! Our technicians are sharp, educated, and caring individuals who also happen to be rugged, mechanically-minded Alaskans!


We put tremendous energy into the art of making great decisions with you and for you. We catalog vehicle failure data --why and how often specific problems occur. We use this expertise to help you make complex and often expensive technical decisions.

We use concise, descriptive criteria to help gauge the severity of vehicle issues. These criteria also allow us to communicate clearly among staff and with you, preventing unnecessary work, and keeping you and your budget always in mind. This philosophy expunges “super-sizing” services (and the bill)!


People who own Subarus, Toyotas, and Hondas also own other cars, and because we work for people, we work on their other cars too. However, we book off-specialty makes only as the schedule allows.


A business model that employs highly skilled, loyal individuals is svelte and clean. The automotive repair field pays technicians by the “billed hour” which encourages them to bill as many hours as possible, often resulting in unnecessary repairs or service. Metropolitan Garage has a different business model that rewards for great service, and this translates into fair repair and billing practices for customers.

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