seasonal vehicle no-startIt’s a beautiful summer day and you own a pretty little convertible. ANNNND…you live in Fairbanks so it’s one of the THREE days you can legitimately drive with the top down.

You climb in and turn the key to the deafening sound of silence. Disappointed, yes, but you’re handy so you pop the hood and hook up the battery charger. Wait twenty minutes while you brew a cup of coffee. No problem. Still a gorgeous summer day.

Now, with a nice caffeine buzz you try again. Turn the key and KABOOM! It sounds like someone fired a 12 gauge in the vicinity of the 3.3 L V6 engine in your Toyota. You didn’t wet your pants, but your ears are ringing and still no purrrrrring sound.

Go in the direction of the sound and you find this: It’s your car battery, exploded view! You’ve never seen the brains of a battery but there they are! A library of lead plates neatly stacked inside a plastic box! That is what battery is. Who knew. When these batteries sit, without being recharged by engine use, they freeze solid and can “short out”.

When a battery shorts out, it often becomes a bomb. The warning stickers on batteries are not the cancer warnings that appear on EVERYYYYTHING in California. Batteries do explode, and when they do they shower battery acid everywhere. This is painful and messy.

Come in for a charging system check. Especially if you are driving a vehicle that sits for long periods of time! Enjoy your summer ride safely!