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Over-heating and Under-heating Problems

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Believe it or not, all cars are subject to an “under-heating” problem. In Fairbanks this equals a 911 situation as Fall mornings turn into Winter.

Funny thing about Subarus is that they often can have, at the same time, over-heating and under-heating problems! All cars can, but Subaru seems to have the magic combination. Let us explain.

No-heat situations occur for many different reasons. One of the most common is that the fan or blower motor has worn out. Think about it: Your heater fan is doing double-time for at least seven months of the year. They wear out, leaving you peering through a hole scraped in frost with a credit card.

Another common cause of no heat or just “lukewarm” heat is LOW Coolant. This seems counter-intuitive! What does cooling have to do with heating?

EVERYTHING actually!

The cooling system is the FURNACE in all vehicles (unless you own a fully- electric car or truck). Yes, the coolant passes throughout the engine in order to cool it during combustion activity, but automakers have killed two birds with one stone: The hot liquid carrying excess heat from the engine is what carries heat to the cabin of the car! So clever!

However, when coolant levels are low, this equates to bad circulation. Without a fully charged cooling system, hot fluid does not reach the interior of the car. Low coolant equals no heat. or just not enough heat.

Causes for low coolant can vary: Leaking water pump, radiator hoses leaking or improperly fastened, radiator puncture, radiator cap failure to seal, cracked radiator overflow reservoir, etc.

In addition to these relatively minor repairs to a vehicle’s heating system, there is a major cause for low coolant. This is the head gasket leak.

This problem presents as both an intermittent overheating problem that combines with a no-heat situation inside the car.

If you have consistent over heating problems in your Subaru, you may very likely have a leaking head gasket. Vehicles affected by the Subaru recall are:

  • Impreza (from 1999 to 2011)
  • Forester (from 1999 to 2010)
  • Legacy (from 2000 to 2009)
  • Outback (from 2000 to 2009)
  • Baja (from 2003 to 2006)

Due to the number of Subarus in Alaska, Metro has become a specialty shop in these repairs. A proper engine reseal (head gasket repair) will result in a vehicle good for tens of thousands of miles. Or literally, better than new!

Other makes and models can have the same problem: low coolant and no- heat. Hondas can have a head gasket failure as well. Toyotas can too. As a pattern failure though, we don’t see them.

Talk to us if your heat is not predictable and satisfying. Chances are, we can help. [email protected]