innovation and kite flying in Fairbanks, AKWe ordered a dragon kite from Amazon and I don’t know about everyone else, but is Prime not so SPEEDY now?? It took almost two weeks to get here. But no matter, it is ALWAYS windy on Murphy Dome.

We grabbed the halibut pole and set out for the top. Halibut pole? ABSOLUTELY! If you’ve never flown a kite using a Halibut pole, you are doing things entirely incorrectly as far as kite flying goes.

Tie on your dragon, toss it to the wind at the tippy top of Murphy dome, trip the bail, and there you go—one big fish on!! And it gives such a good fight!

A word of warning: Most Halibut Poles come with A LOT of string. We let ours out completely, and when the wind died a bit, the kite dipped into the Alders and got caught. We ended up walking half way to Minto reeling that dragon in!

Some people may not have made the connection between a Halibut Pole and kite flying. It’s something from two different worlds. This is called “innovation”.

“Every once in a while a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into innovation”. Dean Karmen—inventor of Segway, holding over 400 patents

At Metro Garage, we are always tying two different worlds together in order to provide more than ordinary service in auto repair. Subaru, Toyota, Honda families of cars are predictable and long-lasting.

We’d call vehicle dependability a “new technology”. Going 100K miles before changing spark plugs is fairly new to vehicle maintenance. Vehicle repair in the Arctic, we’d call an “old problem”. Since the formation of steel, it seems the necessity of repair has been present.

Now, join this technology, some old problems, and people who love thinking of big ideas, and you get METRO GARAGE. Come innovate with us! We lie in bed at night thinking about repairs. Honest, this happens. And at 3 AM we wake bolt upright having come up with the solution to your strange Subaru drivability problem. I’m not joking! It really works this way. Auto repair is very often a revelation that comes to us when we are thoughtful and undisturbed—when we are free to think outside the boxes we live in.

Come in and let us innovate with you. And if don’t have a halibut pole, I’m almost certain you know someone who does! Murphy Dome is a bit busy at the moment, but when the smoke dies down, get up there and do some fishing!