If you have a heated garage, and you park your Tacoma in it (Oh My Gosh how many of us have heated garages and DON’T park in them because they are full of stuff–that is another blog entirely). As I was saying, IF you have a heated garage AND you park your car in it, read no further. This information is not for you.

If you park OUTSIDE and idle your Outback for twenty minutes to take the edge off of an ice-cold commute, this is for YOU. AVOID A TOW BILL BY READING THIS SIMPLE HACK.

Depending on how many storms we have had by January, the snow from our shoes forms an iceberg on the driver’s side floor. In and out, in and out, the snow builds up. But the heat entering the cabin is usually directed at the windshield so we can see out, at the chest and face for moral support, and somewhat at the feet just because it is rude to leave them out (not that we can ever feel the heat down there). This results in a semi-thawed ice rink on the driver’s mat.

By January this can be a problem because cars have a switch that ensures vehicles will not start without the brake pedal depressed fully. One morning (usually when you are late) the combination of ice build-up and the sole of an oversized Sorrel make pressing that pedal full-swing a physical impossibility. The result is the MOST disappointing flick of the wrist with the key, and the deafening sound of silence. Not even a straining of that Subaru motor to turn over.

If you’re handy, you may fuss with the battery connections or do a Google search. But REMEMBER WHERE YOU LIVE! Your no-start problem is not just ANYBODY’S no-start problem. You are probably special, because you live just a stone’s throw FROM THE ARCTIC CIRCLE.

Here are some Hacks to help you avoid dragging your car to the Shop, only to be told your boots are too big and your floor a sedimentary time-capsule of this year’s weather systems.

1) Bring your driver’s side floor mat in to thaw completely by the woodstove. This one is the easiest to do regularly.

2) Beat the driver’s side floor mat with a hammer or on a tree to remove the ice build-up by cracking it.

3) If you do not have a removable floor mat, GET ONE! Then do steps one and/or two above.

4) Make a date for a Honda sleep-over with a friend who has a heated garage. Roll the windows down and place a small fan inside the car to circulate warm air.

5) If you can’t swing any of the above, come see us! We thaw cars for the weekend for our regular customers for free! For new customers it is $25.